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Vegan Pregnancy

As I write this one week has passed since my fourth daughter Willow Clementine came into the world. How fast that first week has flown by, and now pregnancy seems like it was a million years ago. I suppose that’s nature’s way of ensuring I forget about the negatives of pregnancy and labor, get straight back to it and make another baby. To tell you the truth, there isn’t too much negative to report for this pregnancy. It was by far the healthiest I have ever been in my life. I’m now sure this is because of my plant based lifestyle.

Eating plant based has helped me be a much calmer and happier person. I find when I eat mostly alkaline and aim for 70% raw food, I feel free from the crankiness that I experienced with my other pregnancies. I also have far greater energy, and didn’t experience any of the aches and pains that I did with previous pregnancies.  For sure there were times, especially in the first trimester, when I felt sluggish. But, during this pregnancy I was much gentler with myself and really listened to my instinct. If I felt like needed a quiet day or tuck myself into bed early, I did just that. If I felt like a toasted bio cheeze sandwich, I ate it. Actually, I probably ate 2! (Which was much more common in the first trimester). I was mindfully kinder to myself.

Towards the middle of my pregnancy I began to crave more raw foods, giant fruit filled smoothies, and daily fresh juices – full of the nutrients I needed. This gave me the energy to grow a healthy little baby, look after my 3 other children and now bounce back from pregnancy.

My Pregnancy Diet:

This was a diet of abundance. During pregnancy you grow a whole human being. I think we often forget that. It’s definitely not a time to calorie count or worry about over eating. We need to be much more concerned about nutrients and eating nutrient dense foods for fuel.

Also, always listen to your doctor or midwife. It’s important to have regular blood tests to check levels for iron and B12 etc. Its ok to be open minded and but still cautious at the same time.

Breakfast: Chia bowl with fruit


Snack: Large cold pressed juice. Juices are loved by all in our house.


Lunch: Rainbow salad bowl with hummus or tahini dressing.



Snack: Giant smoothie ie mango, avocado, banana, berries, kale, maqui berry powder or spirulina, with full fat coconut milk or a banana smoothie with almond paste, coconut milk and molasses.


Dinner: 1 shot of chlorophyll before dinner – another huge salad with pan-fried organic tempeh. Sometimes followed by coconut ice cream for dessert or a slice of cake.


cake order 2

Pregnant Week 37

Week 37. Almost ready to meet my girl.

Baby Willow

Here she is – Willow Clementine. But despite how difficult it is, I do truly feel that labor is one of the most intense, amazing and magical experiences that you will ever have. And another thing, if you go into your labor feeling strong, healthy  and empowered then you will be most likely to have a strong, healthy and empowering birth experience. What ever that means to you.


3 Responses to “Vegan Pregnancy”

  1. Helana


    Thank you for sharing your vegan pregnancy story,
    I was wondering if you have an book for a vegan pregnancy with recipes?


    • Courtenay Perks

      HI Helana
      The only book on vegan pregnancy I ever read was the one by the Skinny Bitch girls. Cant remember the exact name. Besides the name – its actually a great and sensible read with recipes and nutrition info relevant to you.


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