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Plant Based Meal Plan

Here is where you’ll find a list of 3 days of meal ideas. All the food is wheat free, refined sugar free and totally plant based. In every meal aim to eat sources of healthy fats and plant proteins and always eat plenty of unrefined carbohydrates for energy.

fridgePlant based, whole food health benefits

Hormonal balance

Healthy weight range

Flatter belly and improved digestion

More stabilised blood sugar levels and appetite satisfaction from each meal

Clearer more youthful skin

Mental clarity

Long lasting energy

Increase fitness levels

Clearer white of eyes, and brighter more vivid in colour

Skin tans more in the sun and less susceptibility to burning *Please also wear a natural sunscreen! Healthy diet alone will not protect you from skin cancer.

Healthier and faster growing hair

Day 1

Breakfast) Bircher Muesli with coconut yoghurt, nuts and fruitbircher-1

Snack) Large green smoothie with plant based protein powder

Lunch) Gluten free open sandwich with almond butter and fruitopen-sanwich

Snack) Fruit and yoghurtfruit-and-yoghurt

Dinner) Salad with tahini dressingsalad-meal

Day 2

Breakfast) Acai bowl acai-bowl-2

Snack) Maqui berry avocado smoothiesmoothie

Lunch) Zucchini noodles with lentil saucezucchini-zoodles

Snack) Raw wagon wheel or other raw treat wagon-wheels

Dinner) Asparagus Soupgreen-soup


Day 3

Breakfast) Chocolate Banana Smoothie Bowl with plant based protein powder and Raw Granolachoco-smoothie-bowlSnack) Fruitfruit

Lunch) Rainbow Bowl with Quinoa and Hummushummus-salad-plate

Snack) Bliss ballwillow-chocie-balls

Dinner) Mango Curry with Quinoa or Brown Ricemango-curry


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